About Us

UFOs do not come from this earth but from far away. They are different from this world, physically and mentally.
On earth, when you are an alien, you are different (ugly, poor), and people no longer look at what is inside these strange people.
Beyond appearance, we are perhaps equal, whether we are beautiful or ugly, rich or poor.
So we chose UFO™ to show that despite the appearance, we are equal, especially in front of the rich leader and not to think that others cannot or should not be rich, UFO™ people can succeed in life.
For UFO™, it is not easy, but it is possible.

Our goal is to offer clothing for superior quality who combine style, comfort and durability. We work with high quality materials and strive to maintain high ethical standards in our production. Each piece is carefully crafted to bring a unique and simple design that will make any UFO™ proud.

The direction of detail

The process of creating our designs is very meticulous and involves several phases of correction. It all starts with sketches on paper, then we move on to digital creation to add the final details. We place great importance on attention to detail and this is reflected in our unique style.

Our (extremely talented) graphic designer is passionate about his work, which results in original and captivating. We work tirelessly to provide our customers with high quality products that proudly display their strength of purpose.

Our commitment to the environment

At UFO™, we are aware that the fashion sector has a significant impact on the environment, in particular with regard to greenhouse gas emissions. That is why we have taken steps to reduce our impact on climate change.

Our on-demand production model allows reduce waste linked to unnecessary overproduction of stock. Each order is manufactured at our partner and sent directly to the customer's address, which limits transport goods and greenhouse gas emissions.

We believe that we have a responsibility to our planet and we are determined to do our part to protect it. We will continue to explore new ways to minimize our impact on the environment while maintaining our commitment in favor of the quality and sustainability of our products.